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Broadleaf Evergreen

This quick growing female selection has one of the best berry sets of any holly. Growth habit is a dense, upright and rounded form to 10 feet wide. It shears well so it can be kept much smaller, and is useful as a shaped hedge.

Brilliant golden color makes winter landscapes more cheerful

Hardy shrub with a cool mint color

Striking golden-yellow color, great for dramatic hedge

Dependable and easy to grow, little maintenance required, formal hedge

Nice, neat, rounded form, low evergreen hedge

Vigorous grower with dense branches makes an excellent tall screen.

Small dark green leaves in spring turn burgundy in fall, profuse lavendar flowers

A densely branched and foliaged evergreen accent plant, this holly has an outline that looks like a green column. Its lustrous dark green leaves are beautiful throughout the seasons. Sky Pencil is excellent in a container or for vertical element in the garden.

A cold-hardy and durable groundcover

Ideal for topiaries or as a formal hedge

Bloom-A-Thon White Azalea is an evergreen, disease resistant, reblooming azalea with large flowers that appear in April, then again in July, and continue through fall until hard frost. Even the summer heat can't stop this beauty from producing loads of late summer and fall flowers.

Deer resistant, extra hardiness, rich deeply coloerd foliage, privacy screen

Displays bright red berries fall through winter, deer resistant, privacy screen

The most prolific berry producer of Blue Hollies. Large, dark bluish green leaves on blue stems form a natural pyramid roughly 12 feet high by 9 feet wide. Performs best in part-shade to full shade. Exceptional cold hardiness.

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