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One of the earliest white varieties available today. An abundance of glossy, pure white fruits that grow in clusters on sturdy 36" tall plants. Sweet flavor with few seeds. Tender skins make this a great variety for grilling, sauteing and stir fry dishes. The optimum length is 3-4" but even if they grow larger they will still be tender and taste great.

Oriental-type of eggplant that produces long, slender, dark purple fruits. Best when harvested 8 to 10 inches long. Excellent for small gardens or containers. Each 36" plant can produce 8 or more fruits. Try it baked, grilled and in stir fry and salads. Harvest with a knife or shears to prevent plant damage.

This Heirloom variety is a dependable, large fruit variety. Nearly black, the elongated oval fruits weigh up to 3 lb. Creamy, pale yellow flesh has a tender texture and mild flavor. Warm garden plant. Harvest with knife or shears to prevent plant damage. Try it baked, grilled, or in salads.

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