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The distinctive maroon-speckled leaves of this plant have excellent flavor. Also known as Forellenschuss, the leaves of this handsome lettuce are flecked with unique red spots. Freckles (romaine) lettuce is an heirloom variety with tender, crunchy leaves that have a sweet, slightly nutty flavor. Heat tolerant and slow to bolt. Makes a beautiful salad.

Medium green; medium sized head.

Red salad bowl (leaf) lettuce has bold, flavorful, oak-like leaves. The crisp, tender bronze-red leaves can be picked a few at a time throughout the summer. Delicate flavor and texture is essential for any salad mix. Makes an attractive edging plant. Resists bolting and bitterness.

Summertime (head) lettuce is a compact, flavorful & heat tolerant plant. This lettuce was developed for growing in high temperature regions. Heads are compact and low growing, up to 6" wide and 5" tall. Leaves have a distinctive swirled fringe and a sweet, delicate flavor. A favorite for salads and sandwiches. Resists bitterness in difficult conditions.

Small to medium size with soft tender heads that are long-standing; dark green, white center.

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