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This variety has the flavorful tangy bite of an heirloom, but with more modern resistance. High yields of beefsteak fruits weigh 10-14 ounces each and are perfect for slicing and salads. The heavily ribbed, beautifully colored fruits appear in clusters on vining plants over a long season, ripening to pure red. Indeterminate habit. Wonderful, tangy sweet flavor.

Many consider this Heirloom tomato to be the ultimate in sauce-type tomatoes. History dates it back to Wisconsin, but it was discovered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the heart of Amish country. It is one of the largest paste tomatoes, with a rich, deep flavor and excellent texture. Oxheart-shaped and up to 8 ounces each, these versatile fruits can be used in sauces, pastes, canning, drying and are excellent as a fresh slicer. The indeterminate plants are wispy, but bear a good crop and will benefit from staking.

One of the earliest tomatoes available, the plant will produce great tasting fruit all summer. Firm textured tomatoes are very aromatic, up to 6 ounces each. Resists blemishes and are excellent for slicing or canning. Indeterminate habit. Stake or cage for best production. Disease resistant: VFF.

Popular heirloom, potato leaf variety, great for slicing or canning. Deep pink to red fruits range from 3/4 to 1-1/2 pounds each. Very few seeds with a sweet flavor. Low acidity. Very productive plant, with good disease resistance. Indeterminate habit. Stake or cage for best production.

This Heirloom tomato was bred in Arkansas to withstand hot, humid conditions and has good disease resistance. The 6 to 8 ounce pink fruits resist cracking and have an excellent sweet/tart flavor. The plant will produce an excellent harvest even under adverse growing conditions. At over 100 years old, this tomato has produced year after year and has quite a following of dedicated gardeners. Used as a canning variety, but is also an excellent fresh slicing tomato. The indeterminate plants can grow 5 to 6 feet in height and will benefit from staking.

Heirloom variety. Deep orange, medium sized tomato. Low acidity, few seeds and very sweet. Easy to grow and ripens early with extra meaty, juicy fruits. Great for slicing, garnishes, or making soups. Indeterminate habit. Stake or cage for best production. Disease resistant: A.

Juicy sweet with exceptional flavor. Produces long clusters of 20 or more bright red bite-sized tomatoes. Great for salads or just to snack on, these little fruits are hard to beat. Tomatoes need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. Disease and crack resistant. Indeterminate habit.

Colorful fruit, sweet spicy flavor. Heirloom variety with slightly elongated 3 ounce fruits that ripen to yellow-gold with dark green, zebra-like stripes. Flavorful emerald-green flesh. Adds interest to sliced vegetable platters and in salads. Indeterminate habit. Stake or cage for best production.

Said to contain 50% more lycopene (a beneficial antioxident) than other tomato varieties. The prolific producer bears 4 ounce, sweet and slightly tangy red fruits on very vigorous plants. The smooth plum-shaped fruits are excellent fresh, or in sauces, soups, and in salads. Determinate habit.

Sunny lemon yellow fruits are sweet, mild and just a little tangy. Excellent yields for a golden tomato. Wonderful for slicing and summer garnishes. Produces 6 ounce meaty tomatoes that are nearly blemish free. Indeterminate habit. Stake or cage for best production. Disease resistant: VFN.

This vigorous, semi-determinate variety is a compact bush with a trailing habit that is perfect for hanging baskets, containers, or plant in the garden with some staking. They will spread about 20 inches and grow to a height of 16 to 20 inches. You'll have tons of 1 inch cherry red tomatoes early on, then all season long because Lizzano will keep producing right into fall with good disease resistance that include Late Blight.

Mid-season variety producing 6 oz. fruits.

A legendary heirloom variety with large, slightly flattened, deep pink to red fruits, many over 1 pound each. At maturity, these beefsteak-type fruits may weigh up to 2-1/2 pounds! Fruits are meaty and flavorful with few seeds. Indeterminate habit. Stake or cage for best production.

Large, deep globe, firm fruits.

Low acid, interesting color combinations. Heirloom variety, with vertical stripes of reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows. Large fruits up to 1 pound each are very sweet, with a mild flavor and are very low acid. Excellent for slicing, canning, and summer garnishes. Indeterminate habit. Stake or cage for best production.

Excellent garden performer; extra large delicious fruits.

As the name suggests this dwarf tomato is a wonderful container variety, producing bunches of firm, round 4 ounce fruits on 24" tall plants. Very attractive deep green, heavily wrinkled foliage provides good cover. Compact and early, stake this variety for best production.

Beefsteak-type will produce good yields of golden orange fruits that will sometimes have stripes and swirls of color on the inside. Meaty tomatoes with a strong aroma. Sweet and juicy with a fruity aftertaste. Up to 1-1/2 pounds each. Use in salads, for slicing, or canning. Indeterminate habit.

Large, 6-8 ounce pink fruits have a sweet, mild flavor and are crack resistant. Expect harvest of smooth, high quality tomatoes to continue through summer. Low acid, excellent for slicing and salads. Indeterminate habit. Stake or cage for best production. Disease resistant: VFT.

High yielding variety of large, meaty tomatoes with few seeds, weighing up to 2 pounds each. Excellent slicing variety, or use as a garnish for your summer dishes. Indeterminate habit. Stake or cage for best production. Disease resistant: VFN.

An excellent paste-type tomato. Popular for canning and Italian cooking, or used as a fresh slicer for the table. Bush-type plant will bear dozens of plum-shaped fruit which ripen to a bright red with meaty interiors and few seeds. Determinate habit. Disease resistant: VF.

These 2-4 ounce, lemon-yellow fruits are meaty, have few seeds and a sweet, smooth taste. Large container-friendly, excellent for sauces or sliced into salads and salsas. A great paste variety, also used for canning or freezing. Can also be dried for later use. Determinate habit.

Very popular variety for the home garden. Fruits can reach 1 pound or more each! Usually eaten raw because of their excellent texture and flavor. Also used in salads, sandwiches, salsa, chili, stews, casseroles, stuffed, or broiled. Good disease resistance and will benefit from staking. Indeterminate habit.

Heirloom variety, highly productive, with large 7-8 oz. fruits. Smooth and firm, with solid flesh and a small seed cavity. Will resist cracking. Excellent flavor in this all purpose tomato. Use sliced, cooked, or for canning. Indeterminate habit. Stake or cage for best production. Disease resistant: VF.

This heirloom tomato is quite possibly the best sauce tomato available! A favorite among gourmet chefs, this paste tomato has firm meaty flesh and very few seeds. Sweeter and less acidic than Roma, the medium-sized 3" long pear-shaped fruits are 4-8 oz. each. In the garden, they are a heavy producer and resistant to cracking. Use for exceptional sauces, pastes, purees and soups. You'll want to can some to have over the winter months, too. The indeterminate plants will need staking for best production.

This F-1 variety will produce many bright red 9 ounce fruits on compact plants. This one is nearly perfect for large containers on the patio, or works great for small garden spaces. It has excellent disease resistance and will benefit from staking because of the heavy yields. Determinate habit.

High yielding tomato, a consistant garden performer. Widely adapted, thrives and produces well in nearly any climate. Large, 1 pound meaty, flavorful fruits are excellent for slicing or garnishing summer dishes. Indeterminate habit. Stake or cage for best production. Disease resistant: VFN.

Beefsteak-type tomato with earlier development and superior disease resistance. Good producer of extra large, meaty fruits with exceptional flavor. Each globe-shaped fruit averages 10 to 12 ounces. Will produce right up until frost. Good for eating fresh, sandwiches, salads, or cooking. Indeterminate habit.

You can expect heavy yields of 1/2 ounce pinkish red fruits all season. Growing in clusters like grapes, the shape is interesting, too, oval with a pointed blossom end. With a whopping 9.5% sugar content (higher than most tomatoes), you'll find them great as a snack, for salads and for gourmet dishes. You will be sad to see the season end because you'll need to wait until next year to enjoy your next batch of these Sugary treats! Pick the green ones left on the vines before the frost and ripen in a warm place. This variety will benefit from staking.

This early variety of cherry tomato will produce golden orange fruits in large clusters, up to 15 each! Each little gem weighs one ounce and they are packed with sweet, almost fruity flavor, few seeds and little cracking. They mature quickly, but wait until the tomatoes are a deep orange before harvesting for an intense taste treat. This indeterminate plant can grow from 4-6' in height and can be a heavy producer, even in less than ideal conditions and will definitely benefit from staking or a trellis. If you can get them out of the garden (you'll be popping a bunch as you pick!) they're great in salads or just fill a bowl and stand back! FVNT disease resistance.

Highly productive plant with large scarlet-red tomatoes. Great aroma and rich flavor, with fruits that average 10 ounces each. Excellent for slicing, garnishes for summer platters, or canning. Harvest all summer long. Indeterminate habit. Stake or cage for best production. Disease resistant: VFN.

Hardy vines, overflowing with thick clusters of round, plump, 1" red fruits that will produce very early in the season. Bursting with terrific sweetness and plenty of juice. Superb for salads or snacks. Indeterminate habit. Stake, cage, or trellis for best production. Disease resistant: VF.

Produces large, clean fruit.

Distinctively rich flavor & color. A Russian heirloom variety, considered by many to be the most reliable of the black tomatoes. Large, dark brownish-red, beefsteak type fruits average 10 to 12 ounces. A distinct, rich flavor with just a touch of saltiness. Indeterminate habit. Stake or cage for best production.

The clusters of 1 to 1-1/2" fruits are sugary sweet and mild tasting. The bite-sized tomatoes can range in color from ivory to pale yellow shades and are excellent for snacking, in salads, or as an edible garnish. Indeterminate habit.

Big, juicy, crack resistant tomato. Will produce high yields of 12 ounce fruits early in the summer, with a long season. Meaty red flesh, perfect for slicing. Produces uniformly all season until frost. Indeterminate habit. Stake or cage for best production. Disease resistant: VFFNT.

The most popular heirloom variety, grown for its distinctively flavored, dark reddish-pink fruit. A thin-skinned, beefsteak tomato averaging 3/4 to 1 pound. Low acid flavor, mild and juicy. Indeterminate habit. Stake or cage for best production.

Heirloom tomato known for it's exotic, sweet flavor. Compact plant, potato leaf habit. Large fruit, inconsistantly shaped, with pinkish-red flesh. Fruit ripens gradually over the season. To reduce cracking, pick early and allow to ripen indoors. Stake or cage for best production. Indeterminate habit.

Disease resistant, great for patio growing. Consistently high yields of deep red 6-8 ounce fruits. Early variety that resists cracking and green shoulders. Excellent for slicing, canning, and drying. The plant will grow 30-48 inches tall and might need staking. Determinate habit. Disease resistant: VFFNT.

Sweetly flavored, colorful fruit. Very productive heirloom variety with dusky rose-purple fruit and deep red flesh. The soft flesh has a rich, pleasingly sweet flavor, excellent for slicing. A thin-skinned, beefsteak-type tomato averaging 10 to 12 ounces. Stake or cage for best production. Expect some shoulder cracking. Indeterminate habit.

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