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Crimson Sweet

Super sweet, high yielding watermelon. Excellent home garden variety. Nearly round melons are light green with darker green striping, and weigh between 15-25 pounds each. Deep red, crispy, super sweet flesh and only a few seeds. Transplant two plants on slightly elevated hills, at the edge of garden to conserve space.
Water: Water deeply at the base of the plants several times a week (1-2") and avoid getting water on the foliage. Melons do not like drought and lack of water can stress your plants. Water regularly after planting and while fruit is developing, then cut back when the melons are about 1-2 weeks from harvest to increase the sugar content for better tasting melons.
Mature: 88 days
Harvest: Apply light pressure with your thumbnail to the rind. If the rind is soft and the nail pierces the melon, it's not quite ripe yet. Roll the melon and look at the bottom. A white or green ground spot (bottom) means the melon is not ripe. A yellow ground spot is what you're looking for.
Planting and Growing Tips: Avoid planting by potato.
Exposure: Full Sun
Spacing: 6'-8' apart
Soil pH: 6.0-6.5

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