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Wild Bird products

Deluxe Bird Feed is fast becoming one of our most popular sellers. Song birds seem to love the combination of chopped nuts added to the mix.
Ingredients: milo, sunflower, millet, peanut pieces
Available in 50 lb.

Finch Mix for the wee, little birds in your life! Especially designed for the smaller birds - wild and tame.
Available in 10 lb. and 50 lb.

No Waste Bird Feed is our premium blend that contains no corn or milo. This mixture has a loyal following of customers and feathered friends.
Ingredients: sunflower, millet, peanut pieces, safflower
Available in 40 lb.

Safflower is a great choice for bird lovers that don't love feeding the squirrels. This seed is a favorite of Cardinals and other song birds but squirrels don't care for it.
Available in 10 lb. and 50 lb.

Special Bird Feed is a mix that contains no corn but instead adds millet to the variety of seeds.
Ingredients: milo, sunflower, millet
Available in 50 lb.

Stripe Sunflower is a larger seed than black oil and is also popular with caged birds, parrots especially.
Available in 10 lb., 25 lb. and 50 lb.

Sunflower Chips are the kernel of the sunflower, hull removed. A true NO WASTE feed.
Available in 10 lb. and 50 lb.

Thistle Seed, also known as Nyjer Seed, is a favorite of bird watchers across America. The roasted flavorful delicacy will attract a variety of beautiful song birds to your backyard.
Available in 10 lb., 25 lb. and 50 lb.

Wild Bird Feed is by far the most popular and economical feed we sell. A surprisingly simple mix that appeals to all types of birds and wildlife.
Ingredients: milo, sunflower, cracked corn
Available in 20 lb. and 50 lb.

Black Oil Sunflower is a favorite of cardinals but all wildlife seem to love our 100% sunflower feed.
Available in 10 lb. 25 lb. and 50 lb.

NOTICE: Please note that not all products are available all the time. The color and size can vary from photographs.