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Lettuce Guide

Lettuce is one of those crops whose fresh-picked taste simply can't be equaled by anything you can buy at the grocery store.

Soil Preparation:





Other Information:

Types -

We grow three types of lettuce in our Homegrown Gourmet program (Loose-leaf, Romaine, Head).

Loose-leaf - (Red Salad Bowl) - grow tender leaves in dense rosettes but seldom form crisp inner heads.

Romaine - (Freckles) - Elongated leaves with stiff ribs. Often tolerate stressful weather better than other types.

Head - (Summertime) - These varieties have great flavor and are easy to grow.

History -

The oldest known type of lettuce is probably similar to what is now called Prickly Lettuce. Wild lettuce, dating as far back as 4500 B.C. had bitter but edible leaves and its milky sap was taken from the stem and used to help insomnia and relieve rashes.

Did You Know... -

If you harvest lettuce in the morning, it will have a higher sugar content than if harvested in the afternoon.

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