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Squash Guide

Squash is part of the cucumber family, Cucurbita, which also includes gourds and pumpkins. The squash have large, broad leaves and 4 to 6 stems or short veins that grow from one central root.

Soil Preparation:




Supplies Needed:

Other Information:

Summer vs. Winter -

Summer - Produces thin-skinned fruit that is eaten with the skin on. Does not sotre well. Homegrown Gourmet varieties: Yellow Straightneck and Zucchini

Winter - Produces fruit with a thick skin and can be stored for long periods, into the winter months. The skin of winter squash is not eaten. Homegrown Gourmet variety: Spaghetti

History -

Cultivation began in South America and seeds eventually made it to Native Americans. With the arrival of the Europeans to America, squash seeds were quickly utilized and shared. Before long, winter squash was growing in gardens around the world.

Did You Know?...

Almost all pumpkin weigh-offs also have a category for giant squash? Giant squash can grow over 1,000 pounds!

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